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Caution change!
[Posted by: Admin - 1 July 2015, 20:38]

New features for server:
Added buffer
XP/SP/Adena: 35x
Drop/Spoil: 30x
Quest drop: 10x
buff durnation 1 hour
and 3rd buy for 20.000.000 Adena

Server Online
[Posted by: Admin - 1 July 2015, 16:00]

Server is online. Good luck

Grand Open
[Posted by: Admin - 21 June 2015, 17:01]

Grand Open server is 01.07.2015 in 16:00 GTM +1

Looking for you!!


Server Online
[Posted by: Admin - 20 June 2015, 7:24]

Server is online in beta test.Now you can join.

New month = time to vote :)
[Posted by: Admin - 5 June 2015, 7:24]

Yes it a new month again so lets all vote for the server...
As you know more votes = more players = more fun :)

[Posted by: Admin - 25 May 2015, 17:22]

Welcome to Dangerous - a Lineage II server

Dangerous is a Gracia Final server and thus requires you to have the said client (You can find a download link in the appropriate section). To connect you will only need to download the patcher from our download section and run it. As an alternative we do also have a zip file (which does contain the Patcher as well).

For a list of server features refer to the forums news section :)

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